This is the new Page for the War of Decentralization project! This page will be updated soon. Please bookmark it and visit us again! For news check out our Steem profile via the Steemit button at the bottom of the page!

We need your support!

Actualy we work in our spare time because we still have to earn money to pay rent and other grown up stuff. But with your support we are able to work on this project full time. This means faster progress and maybe even more ingame content and features.

You even get rewarded for your Patreon support! Our Patrons get limited trading cards for their monthly support depending on the tier they join. These cards will be exclusively emitted to Patrons and supporters and we promise to not create anymore cards when the game leaves early access. Actually we are working on a secure Marketplace on the Steem Blockchain. There you will be able to trade or exchange your Cards with other Players.

To support us with the production of the Game please consider to

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Sincerely, the WoD Dev-Team